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And also the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 bends

And also the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 bends. The case bendgate iPhone 6 Plus has given rise to a debate without end, very often also animated by opinions rather heated and video more or less sympathetic. In this regard, they expressed many companies and some user has done this type of testing with some Android devices, but could not bend it. Not even the Galaxy Note 3 has left bend, unlike his successor.

Yes, the Galaxy Note 4 bends, even if only slightly. The same user who challenged his predecessor has released a new video and shows that even the Galaxy Note 4 folds, despite the test of Samsung did not appear at all. We must say that the user applies a force not indifferent and it is unlikely that under normal conditions, would be applied to the smartphone, as opposed to what happened with the iPhone 6 Plus which has clearly design issues (and bends with a breath of wind).

In the case of the Galaxy Note 4, it should be also added that the frame is aluminum and like any other object built in aluminum tends to assume different shapes when subjected to pressure, more or less strong. So, yes it is true that the Galaxy Note 4 bends, but only if subjected to strong pressures, which can not be said of the rival iPhone 6 Plus. Unfortunately this is a bit ‘one of the flaws of smartphones built with only the aluminum frame, as opposed to the plastic has a much lower tolerance to bending and therefore tends to bend more easily, then maintaining the shape assumed. Does not seem to be any case bendgate on the Galaxy Note 4 for the moment and so you can sleep soundly.

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