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Bendgate: iPhone 6 will bend in your pocket

It’s amazing ability to always overpowers Apple news, and create catchphrases in good times and bad. Now that Cupertino on the specter of the scandal of Bendgate, everyone started to bend smartphone to find out the make and model combinations of less resistant; it turns out that the worst of the roundup is just iPhone 6 Plus. Meanwhile, competitors giggle for the umpteenth failings.

In the wake of recent events, Unbox Therapy attempted an experiment very tasty: subjected to the same stresses an iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, a HTC One M8, a brand new Moto X and Nokia Lumia. Result: the better the resistance has the Moto X and iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s not fare much better than the Plus while bending slightly.

Meanwhile, the event dedicated to the new BlackBerry Passport, CEO John Chen BlackBerry has removed some pebble in the shoe with veiled allusions to the apple. While on display behind him were showing images of the new trinket in comparison with an iPhone, in fact, invited those present to groped to bend one: a clear reference to Bendgate. The Passport, among other things, is the only device capable of “show 60 characters per line, thus providing an amplitude almost ideal for the fruition of content written.” “iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5,” he annotated, require continuous adjustments to zoom to read a document; “make a fool with printing standards, at least when we talk about the number of characters per line that can show at the same time.”

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