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And also the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 bends

And also the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 bends. The case bendgate iPhone 6 Plus has given rise to a debate without end, very often also animated by opinions rather heated and video more or less sympathetic. In this regard, they expressed many companies and some user has done this type of testing with some Android devices, but could not bend it. Not even the Galaxy Note 3 has left bend, unlike his successor. Continue reading And also the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 bends

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Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

Alpha Galaxy is at the same time a completely new product and also the “usual Galaxy” for Samsung. Aesthetically they repent in fact signs of major change, if not in the decision to construct the corners (on the sides) more prominent of the rest of the smartphone. The middle button (chrome) is in place and also on the back of the line features in a manner faithful to the Galaxy S5 (but leave behind the bad effect “patch”). As mentioned, however, is a completely new product for Samsung (at least on Android) as the company has chosen to abandon the plastic, at least in its outer frame, choosing a metal construction that gives the phone a pleasure to touch and in ‘use of all new and similar to that of Apple products. The thing is not at all strange given that the design of this frame modeled in several parts of the iPhone (before iPhone 6). Continue reading Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

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Samsung Galaxy A7, Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3, the prices of the new Serie A

New rumors reveal what might be the starting prices of the new smartphone Samsung Galaxy A3, A5 and Galaxy Galaxy A7, which will make up the Premier League founded by the compact Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

During the course of this year, in the ocean of Samsung devices that is used to flood the market, the Korean manufacturer has introduced an innovation that takes a slightly different direction from the canonical one. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is not particularly original but now Seoul has taken the opportunity to test the use of new materials making your own design aimed at the less plastic and more “premium”. Continue reading Samsung Galaxy A7, Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3, the prices of the new Serie A

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Samsung Galaxy Note with 4 Fast Charging: the limits

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is definitely a very powerful phone that Italians look forward to be able to buy. The launch price, which is said to be 799 euro (really a blunder), it may not be a deterrent for the pockets of fans. Today we want to focus on one of the features that will encourage users to focus on phablet, fast charging, or the ability to recharge the terminal from 0 to 50% in just 30 minutes.

Amazing, think, and we can not blame you: you think that the Note 3 to get the same result takes about 55 minutes, almost twice as long. The feature in question is not the result of the increase amperage charger (2 A joint board of the latest models), but some of its own protocols of the chipset and power supply able to deliver more power, simply by changing the output voltage . Continue reading Samsung Galaxy Note with 4 Fast Charging: the limits