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New iPhone 6 and Plus: the first reviews

How’s the new iPhone 6? To find out more we will have to wait until September 26, when the new Melafonino – in both versions 4.7 and 5.5 inches – will make its official debut on the Italian territory. Until then, however, you can get an idea of the phone by looking at the first reviews appeared in all those countries where Apple has already launched the product distribution (United States, France, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore , UK, Australia, and Japan).

To ease the task, we offer you a juicy rassgna of the most significant comments appeared so far on the most authoritative international sites.

The dimensions, first of all
All those who have had the opportunity to get their hands on the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus basically agree: the transition from 4 inches to the iPhone 5S 4.7 iPhone even 6 to 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus will fundamentally change the user experience of the users of Apple.

“Put an iPhone 6 in the hands of users, and you’ll notice that Apple will be shocked by the size,” writes The Verge, “everyone will think it’s the 6 Plus. Android users, however, will remain unperturbed: it seems my phone, they will tell you the more “.

The presence of a second extra-large model (5.5-inch) represents for many the true element of breakage than in the past. In his version Plus, the new iPhone 6 is described as a smartphone exaggerated but not uncomfortable to use: “I expected to find it too big,” says Charles Arthur from the pages of the Guardian, “and at first my predictions are been confirmed., but after a couple of minutes, maybe a couple of days, you find yourself strangely attracted to that screen apparently huge. ”

4.7 or 5.5 inches?
So which model to choose? “It’s hard to say which is the phone that I prefer and this is quite frustrating,” admits a senior editor Scott Stein of CNET. “The iPhone 6 is certainly better in my hand.’s Slim, sleek, works very well and has many of the features I need., But did not offer additional autonomy from the iPhone 6 Plus and optical stabilization lens , two features that I think are important. ”

Brad Molen at Engadget did not, however doubts and crowns the iPhone 6 Plus, a terminal that is a kind iPad Mini Mini: “Even the home can switch to landscape mode and some of the native apps (Mail, Calendar, and Messaging) can be viewed in a more convenient thanks to the dual-pane window. it is a nice way to use the extra space offered by the screen, something that gives Plus a clear productivity advantage compared to the iPhone 6. ”

There are those, however, it does not (only) a matter of size only. This is the case with Molly Wood, that the pages of the New York Times explains: “In trying to offer phones ever larger as required in a loud voice from the market, Apple has built two phones, one that is in reality is a bit ‘too small and the other that is a bit ‘too big. But what matters is the software inside: 8 iOS, combines some of the advanced features of Android with the ease of use and reliability of Apple. ”

“Apple has not limited itself to expand the screen”, is keen to stress Walt Mossberg, a great connoisseur of Apple devices. “He has radically redesigned the iPhone, making it thinner and more curved, and has strengthened every thing, from the screen to the battery life up to the speed of the wireless connection., In my opinion is the best smartphone on the market, if you consider the ‘hardware, the new operating system and the Apple ecosystem which opens the door. ”

“It’s the best phone Apple has ever made ​​and makes old all of a sudden the iPhone 5S”, echoes Matt Warman at The Telegraph, while acknowledging some small and large gaps in the system (a resolution that does not go beyond to what is already offered by the competition, for example, or the inability to shoot video in 4K and record audio in high definition.

Along the same lines Geooffrey A. Fowler of the Wall Street Journal: “Despite the battery life turns out to be mediocre with the screen set at maximum brightness, it is still the best smartphone you can buy.” For one reason rather simple, in fact, more than one: “Performance, ease of use, miglioramente camera, all combined in a secure operating system, which now allows the powerful and rich collection of iPhone apps to do more.”

More moderate the judgment of David Pierce, still from the pages of The Verge, which focuses in particular on the opportunities that were much broader than the display of large caliber offer manufacturers of smartphones, “Apple had the opportunity to realize not only a larger iPhone but to think of different ways to use her, to what we can do, see, and the way in which we interact in front of a display., but did not do any of this. it is limited to make a bigger and iPhone better. ”

Apple Pay, trial postponed
There are those, however, welcomes the measures made ​​at the software level to tailor the user experience of iOS 8 new maxi-screens. A convincing is also the new feature that allows you to lower the views of the screens to the center line of the display (simply double-tap on the home button) to allow the use of the phone in one hand. “It’s a brilliant idea that makes a huge difference,” we read in the Telegraph.

No verdict instead of Apple Pay, an innovative payment service that enables iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to be used as an electronic wallet [read how it works]; In fact, the technology will be available only from October (and only in the USA) thanks to a special update for iOS 8. In many, however, contest the decision to limit NFC support that, at least for the moment, can only be used in combination with the payment platform from Apple.

“For now – says Brad Molen of Engadget – NFC iPhone only works with Apple Pay; developers, therefore, can not do anything. Apple has not said if in the future something will change, but I suspect that the company is having the same approach proved shy with Touch ID, the beginning was just to unlock the iPhone and approve purchases of iTunes, then, a year later, the sensor was finally opened to developers. ”

We close with the verdict offered to dall’istrionico David Pogue on his channel Yahoo who speaks of “a mobile thin, attractive and with a camera sensational.” To see, if you have not already done so, his personal video review.

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