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Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

Alpha Galaxy is at the same time a completely new product and also the “usual Galaxy” for Samsung. Aesthetically they repent in fact signs of major change, if not in the decision to construct the corners (on the sides) more prominent of the rest of the smartphone. The middle button (chrome) is in place and also on the back of the line features in a manner faithful to the Galaxy S5 (but leave behind the bad effect “patch”). As mentioned, however, is a completely new product for Samsung (at least on Android) as the company has chosen to abandon the plastic, at least in its outer frame, choosing a metal construction that gives the phone a pleasure to touch and in ‘use of all new and similar to that of Apple products. The thing is not at all strange given that the design of this frame modeled in several parts of the iPhone (before iPhone 6).

These are words of praise for those who spend this choice put forth by Samsung, although it must be recognized that this move alone may not be enough to make a great phone, and especially the choice of Samsung has arrived with some delay compared to the competition. Credit is due the merit of having made a Samsung smartphone very thin (only 6.7 mm) and especially very light (115 grams). As thus projecting the new metal frame our advice is still to try one with your own hands, to see the excellent work done by Samsung on this front. All this is, however, cost, compared to S5, the loss of resistance to water and dust. To complete the picture of a smartphone nearly perfect from the point of view of construction and its ergonomics, excellent, considering the size of “contained” through a screen is not “ultra-size”. Remarkable attention to detail, such as the click very accurate and pleasant of the volume keys.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha why he chose to abandon Qualcomm processors in favor of its Exynos 5 Octa 5430 with big.LITTLE technology. We have four core Cortex A15 1.8 GHz and four core Cortex A7 1.3 GHz. Compared to other similar processors in this case, the CPU uses a system called HMP that allows to use the 8 cores even simultaneously. Then we have 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory, unfortunately not expandable. Sufficient for many, but still a lack for someone. As for connectivity, there are no waivers whatsoever: LTE network support up to 150 Mbps, Wi-Fi a / b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and GPS supported by GLONASS.

The audio is guaranteed by a speaker located at the bottom of good quality and volume above the average. How about S5 there is a large “collection” of sensors and especially the fingerprint reader in the home button (it works fine, but always requires that the finger is passed vertically) and the heartbeat sensor to the side of the camera flash.

The camera of Galaxy Alpha is a 12 megapixel camera with single LED flash and can be used by a software completely identical to the Galaxy S5. The advanced features are in fact all in place: video recording in 4K video in slow motion, automatic HDR (also in the video) and lots of shooting modes (re-stocked and expandable through the store). Speaking of the quality of the photos we were both impressed by the shots taken by this Alpha Galaxy and we would like to compare them in almost any situation to that of Galaxy S5. In low light condition we also have less noise than the other device.

The screen is an 4.7-inch SuperAMOLED HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels). The screen has great quality and is also a good color rendering, whether you want a screen more realistic and natural or instead prefer the more fired colors offered by the Cinema Mode Samsung’s AMOLED. As you can see, however, the yield of the screen can be adjusted to your personal taste. You can also enable support for use with gloves and overall the brightness automatic (adjustable in 11 steps) behaves well. The viewing angles are great and if you want to make a comparison with S5 the screen is less bright, but at the same time more visible under direct sunlight.

The software has not undergone substantial changes from S5 and find any functionality in its place. The design of the entire interface has been revised in this version of TouchWiz to be nicer (but still not entirely homogeneous). To the left of this home is the magazine staff based on Flipboard, which unfortunately can not be disabled. Pressing the home button twice we start S Voice, Google Now while holding it down. To his left we have instead the key to access the multitasking. From toggle (customizable) in the notifications can then activate the multiwindows and App prefer. Do not miss the Download Booster (which integrates LTE and Wi-Fi for super fast downloads) and the private mode to keep safe (with fingerprint) their most important data.
Among the pre-installed app then we find S Health, which also allows you to use the player’s heartbeats, and Studio to edit and create collages with your own images. The number of other pre-installed applications was then reduced to a minimum, but they are still all available to download at will through its voice GALAXY Essentials. What has most surprised interface TouchWiz Galaxy Alpha is primarily the general fluidity of the system, already very good on the S5 but never at this level. The same consideration for its virtual keyboard.

The autonomy offered by the battery is 1860 mAh, so to speak, commensurate. It could, in theory, more from the point of view of autonomy, but not maintaining a thickness so small. With an average use intensive arrive late in the afternoon, but only use a mild able to arrive at the end of the evening. Using some forethought, such as savings enegetico that disables the data in the background, you can also greatly increase the autonomy, which in any case can not be considered a strong point of this smartphone.

Alpha is the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy (excluding phablet) that the more we liked it. It is a very equlibrato finally nice and premium, with a great screen, great camera, an enviable hardware and a smooth top. It is for this reason that its flaws stand out more: slim battery, expandable memory and no protection for water and dust. To date (if your budget is not too high) S5 is still the best solution, but you will buy Galaxy Alpha with some promotion or discount, is definitely the choice that we will advise you and how much you have saved to buy a battery pack.

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