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Samsung Galaxy Note with 4 Fast Charging: the limits

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is definitely a very powerful phone that Italians look forward to be able to buy. The launch price, which is said to be 799 euro (really a blunder), it may not be a deterrent for the pockets of fans. Today we want to focus on one of the features that will encourage users to focus on phablet, fast charging, or the ability to recharge the terminal from 0 to 50% in just 30 minutes.

Amazing, think, and we can not blame you: you think that the Note 3 to get the same result takes about 55 minutes, almost twice as long. The feature in question is not the result of the increase amperage charger (2 A joint board of the latest models), but some of its own protocols of the chipset and power supply able to deliver more power, simply by changing the output voltage .

Everything seems great, except for a given perhaps gone unnoticed by the general euphoria: how come you only talk about the percentage that goes from 0 to 50, and up to 100%? At the edge of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is yes this fast charging, however exploitable under precise limits: the above technologies, in fact, act effectively only in the case where the level of residual charge is not too high, otherwise get results almost similar to the traditional ones.

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